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Post Irrigation Season

Relax…winter is coming, now is the time to reflect on how painless your sprinkler system was this last year and decide who your provider will be for the 2017 season.  We at Curt Feucht Services hope you were 100% satisfied with our performance…contact us to let us know how did in making

“Your Outdoors…Simplified. We love reviews and ask you to submit yours today on our website or by email, this is how we tell others that we perform as we say that we will…reviews are humbling and we want to serve you!

Curt Feucht Services want to thank you for the blessings of this past year and we look forward to serving you again in 2017!

Thank you and God’s Blessing this Christmas Season.

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Fall and Winter Preparation

The fall colors are happening, or about to happen, and your yard is looking tremendous! This may be the time to turn the “water budget” or “seasonal adjust” down to 70% or 50% if the weather is cooler and the landscape requirements aren’t as great as it was in the summer. This is a great time to increase the health of both your grass and plants. As fall approaches the tops or the visible portions of the grass and plantings will slow or even stop growing due to the cooler weather. At this time the roots are very active and are pushing their way to nutrients and moisture to ensure their longevity and increased health for the springtime.  By actively being involved with your sprinkler system in cutting back the watering schedule, the root growth of your landscape and grass will be greatly promoted (and you will save money)…let them “reach their legs” for both nutrients and moisture. It is also time to schedule your winterization of your sprinkler system! DON’T FORGET! If you have signed an annual service agreement with Curt Feucht Services, we will contact you and automatically get you on our schedule…no need to worry.

If you don’t have an agreement with Curt Feucht Service or any other company, don’t panic, CALL Curt Feucht Service…we got this!

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Sprinkler System Mid Season Adjustments

Now is the time that “dry spots” will show up! Several factors can contribute to this situation; nozzles that are plugged or missing, grass has blocked the nozzle due to being installed incorrectly or damaged, the timing is insufficient for the area due to numerous factors. The factors could be; sun exposure, soil type, prevailing wind and the time of operation can greatly affect the efficiency of the sprinkler system.  Mother Nature has the best coverage and distribution of any man made irrigation system, so if we are in a real dry period and the grass and landscape isn’t looking as pristine as it should, we may need to simply turn the sprinkler schedule to a longer setting. You can do this by increasing the “water budget” or “seasonal adjust” setting on the controller to a number greater than 100%. We would suggest turning the water budget to 120% or greater if the conditions of no rain persist.

You can always contact Curt Feucht Service to schedule an onsite visit or just a phone consultation to correct the issue!

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Early Season Sprinkler Issues

Ok, now that the sprinkler season has started what should you be looking for?  Once the spring start up is complete there may be some things that concern you.  The controller may be running at times differently than it ran at last year, did the lawn care company request this change, did you have a power outage, maybe the tech who started the system made a mistake.  Call your irrigation contractor to see why this happening, we are human and mistake do happen…there shouldn’t be a charge to correct a problem that the tech possibly set the controller incorrectly. If it is a power outage the next question should be; do I have a battery backup? Does my battery need to be replaced? If you don’t have a system that has a battery back up, check to see what it would take to get one or find out how to change the time on the controller in the event of a power outage.  Do you have areas that you see water puddling?  This could be a leak or low head drainage. If it is a leak, call the contractor to have them check it out, be there when the inspection is made so can find out if it what was negligence or if something happened to create the leak.

Let Curt Feucht Service know if they can be of any assistance!

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Pre Season Sprinkler System Preparation

In getting ready for the sprinkler season of 2016 we suggest looking over the maintenance contracts to ensure you know what you are getting and what you’re paying for! Are they offering a complete package? Do you know who the tech is that will be working on your system? Do you feel like things have been missed last year, now is the time to discuss what YOU want addressed.  If you have a specific controller schedule that you want addressed, let your contractor know. Sometimes it is best to have your lawn maintenance company contact the irrigation service tech so that they can best schedule around the other services that will be happening on your site.  A thorough start up for an average system takes a full hour and half…anything less would be rushing.

When you agree to an annual sprinkler service, make sure they guarantee you an automatic appointment for the fall winterization so you don’t have to worry.

If you have questions please give us a call, call Curt on his cell at 309.229.0004, he will be happy to assist you!

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Covenant Irrigation & Plumbing has sold irrigation division to Curt Feucht Services

To our valued customers and friends –

We are writing to let you know that the irrigation division of Covenant Irrigation & Plumbing will be transitioning to new ownership. Moving forward, Curt Feucht Services will be taking over all irrigation install, maintenance and repair services.

It is with full confidence that we pass on our irrigation business to Curt and his wife Beth. Curt has over 25 years of experience in the irrigation industry and he is the reason that Delayne became an irrigation professional. Most importantly, we share the belief that integrity and honesty come first in both business and our personal life. We have no doubt that Curt Feucht Services will provide you with great customer service and high quality craftsmanship.

Curt Feucht Services will contact you in the spring to initiate irrigation start-ups.  Contact information is below.

We will remain in business as COVENANT PLUMBING!

The decision to focus only on plumbing was a difficult one, but was made with the desire to provide more focused and better customer service.

We will continue to provide high quality and professional plumbing services for new construction and remodel projects, installation of sump pumps and water heaters, and repairs of any plumbing fixtures or piping systems.  We would love to be your first choice when you have a plumbing need!

We truly appreciated the opportunity to serve your lawn irrigation needs.

Thanking you,
Delayne & Lori Stickling
(309) 319-3263

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