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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Automatic Misting System

If you are looking for continuous outdoor pest control, then a Mist Away automatic system is the right choice for you! This fully programmable system, which also comes with a remote control, will not allow a breakdown in pest control as it will typically operate twice daily and kill all active pest in the area. The product used is very safe and effective using the same active ingredients as most pet shampoos!

Routine Onsite Fogging

This technique consists of a backpack blower that disperses a fine mist of active ingredients applied to the foliage of the landscaping and wooded areas around your home. The technician will also be scouting for breeding areas and make recommendations on eliminating or treating the problematic areas. This is repeated every three weeks for optimal control.

 Site or Event Fogging

This is applied in the same manner as the routine fogging but with some added control for biting/stinging insects. The process will be completed a day or two ahead of the event and in some cases two applications are necessary depending on the conditions.

Unmatched Experience

We have been actively installing these systems all around Central Illinois and are the only contractor that has researched this product for many years.  We have homes and businesses that have enjoyed the results and would be happy to share these names/locations for you to contact!

We have systems in Peoria, Morton, Bloomington, El Paso, Congerville, call for yours today!