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Early Season Sprinkler Issues

Ok, now that the sprinkler season has started what should you be looking for?  Once the spring start up is complete there may be some things that concern you.  The controller may be running at times differently than it ran at last year, did the lawn care company request this change, did you have a power outage, maybe the tech who started the system made a mistake.  Call your irrigation contractor to see why this happening, we are human and mistake do happen…there shouldn’t be a charge to correct a problem that the tech possibly set the controller incorrectly. If it is a power outage the next question should be; do I have a battery backup? Does my battery need to be replaced? If you don’t have a system that has a battery back up, check to see what it would take to get one or find out how to change the time on the controller in the event of a power outage.  Do you have areas that you see water puddling?  This could be a leak or low head drainage. If it is a leak, call the contractor to have them check it out, be there when the inspection is made so can find out if it what was negligence or if something happened to create the leak.

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