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Fall and Winter Preparation

The fall colors are happening, or about to happen, and your yard is looking tremendous! This may be the time to turn the “water budget” or “seasonal adjust” down to 70% or 50% if the weather is cooler and the landscape requirements aren’t as great as it was in the summer. This is a great time to increase the health of both your grass and plants. As fall approaches the tops or the visible portions of the grass and plantings will slow or even stop growing due to the cooler weather. At this time the roots are very active and are pushing their way to nutrients and moisture to ensure their longevity and increased health for the springtime.  By actively being involved with your sprinkler system in cutting back the watering schedule, the root growth of your landscape and grass will be greatly promoted (and you will save money)…let them “reach their legs” for both nutrients and moisture. It is also time to schedule your winterization of your sprinkler system! DON’T FORGET! If you have signed an annual service agreement with Curt Feucht Services, we will contact you and automatically get you on our schedule…no need to worry.

If you don’t have an agreement with Curt Feucht Service or any other company, don’t panic, CALL Curt Feucht Service…we got this!

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