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Service & Repair

Curt Feucht Services is the right choice for routine sprinkler maintenance, unplanned repair or updating your current system to improve Water Conservation.  We will discuss the needs of your system, personally, not just show up and send you a bill…we want you involved!

Spring Startup

Pressurize the system, Verify the system is tight and leak free, ensure the adjustments of each and every sprinkler for proper coverage, set the controller for optimum scheduling, check rain sensor and educate owner/staff on the operation and suggested changes.

Mid Season Check

Complete walk through of the system using a proactive approach in preventative maintenance. Make necessary changes to sprinklers, rain sensor and controller.  Increase or decrease controller settings according to the needs of the turf and landscape.


Evacuate the system using compressed air or in the case of an automatic drain system, drain the system shut down the controller.


Replace sprinklers with pressure compensating technology along with improved water distribution nozzle types to save water/money without sacrificing the health of your yard and landscaping.

Replace old style impact sprinklers with the new an improved gear drive sprinklers.

Install check valves in sprinklers that continue to “drool”, this is called low head drainage and is a very common issue that seems to get ignored.

Smart Controllers

Replace the old controller with smart technology that tracks the microclimate at your specific location and then adjust the schedule to save the maximum amount of water, which is money in your pocket! These react to what has actually taken place at your location…NO SUBSCRIPTION fee to aprovider that is sending you information that has happened at THEIR location.

WiFi Automation

Uses you home wifi not only to control your sprinkler system from your hand held device or home automation, but it also updates the FORECAST and adjust the system based on what weather event may happen. This is latest technology and we are fully embracing it to deliver cutting edge systems to your home.