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Sprinkler System Mid Season Adjustments

Now is the time that “dry spots” will show up! Several factors can contribute to this situation; nozzles that are plugged or missing, grass has blocked the nozzle due to being installed incorrectly or damaged, the timing is insufficient for the area due to numerous factors. The factors could be; sun exposure, soil type, prevailing wind and the time of operation can greatly affect the efficiency of the sprinkler system.  Mother Nature has the best coverage and distribution of any man made irrigation system, so if we are in a real dry period and the grass and landscape isn’t looking as pristine as it should, we may need to simply turn the sprinkler schedule to a longer setting. You can do this by increasing the “water budget” or “seasonal adjust” setting on the controller to a number greater than 100%. We would suggest turning the water budget to 120% or greater if the conditions of no rain persist.

You can always contact Curt Feucht Service to schedule an onsite visit or just a phone consultation to correct the issue!

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