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Pre Season Sprinkler System Preparation

In getting ready for the sprinkler season of 2016 we suggest looking over the maintenance contracts to ensure you know what you are getting and what you’re paying for! Are they offering a complete package? Do you know who the tech is that will be working on your system? Do you feel like things have been missed last year, now is the time to discuss what YOU want addressed.  If you have a specific controller schedule that you want addressed, let your contractor know. Sometimes it is best to have your lawn maintenance company contact the irrigation service tech so that they can best schedule around the other services that will be happening on your site.  A thorough start up for an average system takes a full hour and half…anything less would be rushing.

When you agree to an annual sprinkler service, make sure they guarantee you an automatic appointment for the fall winterization so you don’t have to worry.

If you have questions please give us a call, call Curt on his cell at 309.229.0004, he will be happy to assist you!

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