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Mosquito Systems

Mosquito Systems


When you decide that you want to enjoy the outdoors again and you are sick and tired of the mosquitos, ticks and outdoor pest ruining your summer…contact Curt Feucht Services. We will install the best in outdoor pest management that is safe for you and pets, take back your outdoors! The Mist Away system will be installed around the perimeter and in the entertainment areas with small “misting” nozzles that will apply a fine mist of formula…typically a couple of times a day for about 60 seconds. The pyrethrin, due to it being an extract from Daisies, breaks down rapidly in the sunlight and thus the multiple applications per day. In some cases we use a synthetic base product that has a longer residual and does not breakdown as rapidly…for very heavy infestation.


The Gen III+ (the only type we install) is an electronically controlled batch-processing unit, which blends up a small quantity of precisely diluted insecticide, as it is required, drawing concentrate from a snap-in cartridge and water from a faucet. The active ingredient in the formulations we use is called pyrethrin, which is derived from the extract of a certain variety of chrysanthemum flowers, Daisies!  This is a very safe product and is the same ingredient as most pet shampoos, it safe around people and pets.

The Slim line misting nozzles are made of 316 Stainless Steel and are precision machined to the highest standards. The Slim line nozzle can easily be maintained for years without having to replace the nozzle tip. These are attached to perimeter structures or under/around decks.

The Copper Risers are the most common risers used in landscaping to mist under shrubs. Risers may also be used to build a perimeter where no attachable structure is available; stakes hold the risers securely in the ground.



"We were looking for  value and innovation in our irrigation and mosquito control systems for our new home. We found all of these things as well as personal customer service in Curt Fuecht Services. Nice to have a professional who cares about his customers."

Mike & Peggy

"We were fortunate to reconnect with Curt last spring. He helped us rework our 18 year old irrigation and exterior lighting systems. We are very happy with the results. Curt and his crew are a pleasure to work with."


"I was totally satisfied with the knowledge and the professional way that Curt Feucht Services performed the work I needed done. I have total confidence in their services."

Bloomington, IL

Five star service!!  Would not use anybody else!!!"


"My experience with Curt Feucht Services has been excellent. He does what he says, when he says and the work is right the fist time". I look forward to doing business with Curt again this year!

Curt and his company is reliable, trustworthy and good at what they do"
Bruce F. Griffin

"Curt is a great guy. He is a joy to work with. As a subcontractor he is responsive to the needs of our clients and no hassle. His guys are knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with. I highly recommend Curt Feucht Services because Curt really does Care."

Champaign, IL

Unmatched Experience

We have been actively installing these systems all around Central Illinois and are the only contractor that has researched this product for many years.  We have homes and businesses that have enjoyed the results and would be happy to share these names/locations for you to contact!

We have systems in Peoria, Morton, Bloomington, El Paso, Congerville, call for yours today!